About The Conium Review

The Conium Review publishes innovative writing. We lean toward unconventional plots, bizarre settings, and experimental language.  Get weird with it.

We are especially interested in work from women, LGBTQ authors, and writers of color. We work with Submission Bombers and other groups to encourage submissions from marginalized writers. We find that marginalized writers often tell the kind of innovative stories that “mainstream” writers cannot or do not.

Along with the journal, we occasionally publish and/or promote special projects, including chapbooks, readings, and writing workshops.

We donate a portion of every print-run to charities like Open Books, Better World Books, and Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.

If you have questions about our small press, please e-mail editors@coniumreview.com.

Interviews With Our Editors:

  • Niche Magazine interview with our managing editor as part of their “Journal Spotlight” series.
  • Duotrope’s Digest interview with our editorial staff.
  • The Grub Daily micro-interview with our managing editor for Grub Street’s annual “The Muse and The Marketplace” conference.

Praise for The Conium Review:

  • The Conium Review . . . is raising a unique voice.  And it is one that’s worth listening to.” —Prick of the Spindle
  • ” . . . tension, mystery, good old-fashioned action pulled off with clarity and skill, and the occasional bombshell of a metaphor.  I found myself constantly itching to find out what was going to happen next . . . ” —NewPages.com
  • ” . . . we’re bearing witness to the bizarre, but it’s not just bizarre for the sake of bizarre.  It’s a brand of bizarre that offers insight into the human condition.” —Small Press Reviews
  • ” . . . strange and unfamiliar, all while keeping us grounded in a seemingly ‘familiar’ world . . . a mixture of the strange and new.” —Stone Highway Review
  • “Whether the plot is deft, or deliciously lengthy, each story in [The Conium Review] provides remarkable characters, and situations to grapple with. A reader will be entertained and satisfied with the variety of storytelling while the writer will be encouraged and hopefully inspired.” —The Review Review