About the Journal

The Conium Review publishes innovative writing.  We lean toward unconventional plots, bizarre settings, and experimental language.  Make it weird.

Issues vary in length from around 90 to 250 pages—we don’t use a strict page-count quota, because we always want to find a place for the very best material from our submission queue.  The journal is highly selective, only publishing a small percentage of submissions, but we base our selections on literary craft rather than preconceptions about genre, contemporary style, or publishable word count.  Each issue features a Guest Editor or Contest Judge, injecting a fresh editorial voice into the installment.  The journal is open to unsolicited submissions from new and established authors.

Along with the journal, we occasionally publish or promote special projects, including chapbooks, readings, and writing workshops.

If you have questions about our small press, please e-mail us at editors@coniumreview.com.

Interviews with our Editors: