Pre-orders now available for “Girl & Flame,” by Melissa Reddish

Girl and Flame coverMelissa Reddish’s Girl & Flame hits shelves on August 15th. Pre-orders for this innovative novella are currently available. Mel Bosworth, author of Frieght, calls Girl & Flame a “blowtorch of modern death and rebirth.” Sarah Rose Etter, author of Tongue Party, says “Girl & Flame reverberates with danger and foreboding, masked in an expert language that only Reddish can harness.” Reserve your copy today!

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Vol 4 Cover Mock-UpThroughout the AWP Conference, we’re offering discounted prices at our table (1238). If you’re not able to attend this year’s conference in LA, we’ve still got you covered. You can get The Conium Review: Vol. 4 for just $10.00 (marked down from $12.00), and The Conium Review: Vol. 3 is only $5.00 (list price of $12.00). You can also pre-order Matt Tompkins’s Souvenirs and Other Stories for $10.00. There’s even free shipping for the duration of the conference! Get these great discounts through April 2nd in our online storefront.

The Conium Review 2015 “Count”

The Conium Review 2015 “Count”


Female (Total Print & Online)


Male (Total Print & Online)


Female (Print)


Female (Online)


Male (Print)


Male (Online)

Last year, we took some proactive steps to improve our VIDA count, with an emphasis on growth, reflection, and contentious outreach. We went from a 2013 ratio of 29% female and 71% male to a 2014 ratio of 64% female and 36% male. This year, we’ve continued that momentum. After crunching the numbers, our 2015 count is 76% female and 24% male.

The full breakdown of our 2015 numbers shows 26 self-identified female authors and 8 self-identified male authors throughout the year (34 authors published in total during the calendar year). Of these 26 female authors, 7 were published in print and 19 were published online. Of these 8 male authors, 1 was published in print and 7 were published online.

As with last year’s initiatives, our 2015 numbers were not achieved by quotas — it happened organically as we continued to work on better outreach and marketing to marginalized writers.

When discussing this shift in our journal’s gender parity, it’s important to recognize the impact of behind-the-scenes stats. In 2013, our masthead included 3 self-identified female editors and 5 self-identified male editors for a ratio of 38% female editors and 62% male editors. In 2014, we had 6 female editors and 4 male editors for a ratio of 60% female editors and 40% male editors. In 2015, our staff featured 7 female editors and 4 male editors for a ratio of 64% female and 36% male.

We’re pleased with the strides The Conium Review has made to give a voice to marginalized women writers. This year’s official VIDA count also shows some improved gender ratios by powerhouses like Harper’sGranta, and others (we’re a small press and not included in the official “count,” we tally our own numbers in-house).

For this year’s count, VIDA’s official count has also expanded their metrics. VIDA has tallied stats on race and ethnicity, sexual identity and orientation, and ability. These additions to the VIDA count are based on self-reportage and survey responses. As such, results aren’t as broad a cross-section as the “main count,” but there is enough data to be statistically significant. The results show a handful of publications with diverse bylines, though many major publishers have wide gaps when it comes to equal publication of women of color, LGBTQIA authors, and writers with disabilities. Find the full VIDA count here, and if you’re attending AWP conference, stop by the VIDA exhibit (booth #503).

Vol. 4 and Vol. 3 Kindle editions on sale during the 2016 AWP Conference

To coincide with the 2016 AWP Conference in Los Angeles, the Kindle editions of The Conium Review: Vol. 4 (current issue) and The Conium Review: Vol. 3 are on sale for just $0.99 each this week! The sale lasts through April 2nd, 2016.

The Conium Review: Vol. 4

TCR Volume 4 Ebook CoverThis volume of The Conium Review features nine new stories from Emily Koon, Tamara K. Walker, Rita Bullwinkel, Marina Petrova, Kayla Pongrac, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Zach Powers, and Theodora Ziolkowski. The pieces include a mix of flash fiction and short stories, each with a penchant for innovative characterization, bizarre settings, and other weirdness. You’ll discover a dictator in a jar, a modernized fairy tale, a person living as a Tinseltown extra, and more.

Get the Kindle edition for $0.99 through April 2nd, 2016!

(List price for the Kindle edition is normally $5.99)

The Conium Review: Vol. 3

Vol 3 eBook CoverThis volume of The Conium Review features eight new stories from Olivia Ciacci, Tom Howard, D. V. Klenak, Jan LaPerle, Zach Powers, Christine Texeira, and Meeah Williams. In these strange and surreal stories, you’ll find a company that sells knight-in-shining-armor-style happy endings, a boy with a second person trapped inside of him, a contemporary fable with a chickadee protagonist, and more. The pieces include flash fiction, short stories, and novella-length fiction.

Get the Kindle edition for $0.99 through April 2nd, 2016!

(List price for the Kindle edition is normally $5.99)

Pre-Orders Now Available for “Souvenirs,” by Matt Tompkins

Souvenirs Cover Mock UpPre-orders are now available for Souvenirs and Other Stories, by Matt Tompkins! This title is scheduled for release on June 15th, 2016.

Souvenirs and Other Stories contains six absurd and surreal stories—a father evaporates, items mysteriously appear and fill an apartment, an eye surgery causes optical hallucinations, and more. Beth Gilstrap, author of I Am Barbarella, calls this collection “a strange, heartbreaking, and often darkly comical book,” and Sheldon Lee Compton, author of Brown Bottle, says “No one else today is plumbing the depths of the human spirit and its limits in quite the same way as Tompkins.”

Matt Tompkins is the author of Studies in Hybrid Morphology (available now from tNY Press), and his stories have appeared in Little Patuxent ReviewNew Haven ReviewPost Road, and other journals. For a limited time, pre-orders are just $10.00 for the collection that Jen Grow, author of My Life as a Mermaid, calls a “thoroughly entertaining, a smart and funny collection from a wildly imaginative writer.”

Micro-chap preview: Caitlin Scarano’s “Pitcher of Cream”

Caitlin Scarano’s micro-chap, Pitcher of Cream, will be released at the 2016 AWP Conference in Los Angeles. You can get a FREE copy and have it signed by the author at our table (#1238) on Thursday, March 31st from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Below, you can see a sneak peak of this 6″ x 6″ micro-chapbook (not so “micro” depending on your definition). Caitlin’s story won our 2015 Flash Fiction Contest, judged by Laura Ellen Joyce. It was also recently selected for inclusion in The Best Small Fictions 2016 (forthcoming from Queen’s Ferry Press) by guest editor Stuart Dybek.

This micro-chapbook was produced as a limited-run publication. There are only 50 copies available. Each copy will be signed and numbered. We expect these to go fast (as a general rule, people love free stuff), so be sure to show up right at 3:00pm if you want a copy! Find information about all our AWP book signings here.