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Conium Press to publish Mariana Samuda’s chapbook next year!

We’re pleased to announce the next Conium Press single-author title. Currently scheduled for February 2021, we’ll be releasing Five Places You Meet Fifteen-Year-Old You, by Mariana Samuda.

This surreal story grapples with the fragility of memory, the ravages of chronic illness, plenty of youthful regrets, and unbridled hope for the future. It’s a strange and deeply moving trip into a narrator’s psyche while their fifteen-year-old self tags along — with the simultaneous curiosity and nonchalant sarcasm you might expect from a teenager.

As we move closer toward publication, look for a cover reveal, excerpted sneak peaks, and early review copies!

This will be our first standalone title of 2021. It could also be the only title, or it might have a friend soon (we’re still reading through other book- and chapbook-length submissions for the 2021 publishing cycle).

Join us in congratulating Mariana on this forthcoming release!

Image of author Mariana Samuda

Mariana Samuda is from Jamaica. She is a graduate of Chapman University’s MFA program. She has previously published work in Atticus Review, Moko Magazine, Headway Quarterly, and Hoot Review.