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The Vol. 3 Collector’s Edition Cover

We’ve completed the next step in creating the collector’s edition. The boxes are finished.

They have been hand-stamped with archival grade, acid-free ink on the front, spine, and back.  The box’s exterior has also been lightly conditioned with linseed oil, mineral oil, and orange oil for more luster and a longer shelf-life. We had some fun experiments with darker wood treatments before realizing that simpler was better.

The Collector’s Edition is currently available for pre-sale, along with the standard paperback. We’ll be printing and assembling the contents over the next couple weeks (and posting previews of each piece from within the Collector’s Edition box).

An early peak at the Collector’s Edition

Earlier this year, we announced some changes at The Conium Review. One major item is the shift from biannual to annual publication. However, we’re putting out two versions of the annual.  We’re doing a standard paperback, but we’re also doing a fancier, pricier, badassier collector’s edition.

The collector’s edition will be a box set that includes broadsides, little chaps, etcetera. It’ll contain all the stories from the standard issue, but presented in a unique, handmade, format. This is a book lover’s book. All the handmade artifacts will be housed inside a wooden box, shaped like a book, (yeah, the wooden box even has a faux spine!), perfectly sized to fit on your bookshelf.

We still can’t show a mock-up, because this isn’t a standard book. But this post provides your first taste. The first shipment of collector’s edition boxes arrived today.  Here’s the giddy first look into the first box:

Box full of boxes

And in case you’re not impressed with bubble wrap and crinkly brown paper, here are two of ’em out of the box:

Close-up of wooden boxes

Cool, eh?  These look naked now, but we’ll get the journal’s title across the front and spine, and we can’t wait to fill the boxes with stories.  Pre-orders go on sale in mid-October.  We’ll still offer a paperback edition.  But if you dig The Conium Review, you might want to get a snazzy collector’s edition. More pics and ordering details later as these things come together.