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Editor Update: James R. Gapinski received an honorable mention in “Flash Phenom” contest

Flash Phenom coverJames R. Gapinski’s flash fiction, “Finding Moonlight,” received an honorable mention in The Molotov Cocktail‘s Flash Phenom contest (all submissions needed to involve some strange phenomena). The contest winner was Shane Page for “House of Spiders.”

As an honorable mention, James’s piece will appear The Molotov Cocktail, and it will also be included in a forthcoming print anthology of prize winners and finalists. The full announcement is available on The Molotov Cocktail‘s website.

Contributor Update: Jinny Koh published in “Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Vol. 2”

Jinny Koh’s story, “Off Duty,” will be published in Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Volume 2 (Epigram Books, 2015). The anthology launches during the 2015 Singapore Writers Festival this November.

Additionally, her story, “Fish Head,” (originally published on The Conium Review Online Compendium) received an honorable mention in Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Volume 2.

Congrats on the publication and honorable mention, Jinny!