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Introducing Our IndieGoGo.com Pledge Drive

Our first fundraiser didn’t meet its goal, so we just launched a new IndieGoGo.compledge drive.  We factored in pre-orders, looked at the budget, and introduced this new fundraiser to help us expand bookstore distribution for The Conium Review, support more podcast episodes, and host upcoming poetry/fiction readings.

We need your support to help fund the first issue.  At various donor levels, you get a free copy of the issue, recognition in the journal, and more.

Even a $1 donation gets a reward.  Every little bit helps.  To learn more or contribute, please visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Conium-Review-An-Independent-Literary-Journal

And remember, tell other people about The Conium Review and help promote our IndieGoGo.com fundraising campaign on Facebook and Twitter.