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The Conium Review: Vol. 4 Collector’s Edition is here!

The gang’s all here! All nine stories from The Conium Review: Vol. 4 are available as part of this year’s Collector’s Edition. This beautiful box set is now available from our online store. Most orders will ship around December 15th. For a limited period, the Collector’s Edition will be just $30 (marked down from $32) with free shipping! It’s the ultimate holiday gift for the book lover on your list (or for yourself). These sold out rather quickly last year, so don’t miss your chance to claim one today.


Vol. 3 Collector’s Edition Preview: “Happy Endings, Inc.” by Meeah Willaims

Another preview of The Conium Review Vol. 3 Collector’s Edition.  Meeah Williams’s flash fiction piece, “Happy Endings, Inc.,” involves a company that will sell you a genuine knight-in-shining-armor happy ending.

The booklet has nice hand-stitched binding, 65 lb. craft paper cover, a parchment title page, and a linen interior pages.

This micro-chap will go inside of the finished collector’s edition box along with seven other pieces.

The Collector’s Edition is currently available for pre-sale, along with the standard paperback.  We’ll post more previews prior to the official November 30th release date.