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Vol. 4 Collector’s Edition Preview: “Camisole,” by Tamara K. Walker

For this year’s forthcoming Collector’s Edition, Tamara K. Walker’s story, “Camisole,” mimics the design of Theodora Ziolkowski’s “Apples” (or you could say “Apples” mimics “Camisole,” depending how you look at it—even though we’re posting this second, we actually made the “Camisole” chapbook first, so it probably has dibs on the design). Both feature minimalistic cover images, silhouetting a single object from the story. The cover is a 65-lb. brown card stock; the story is printed on 24-lb. bright white linen paper, and there’s a 24-lb. parchment paper title page. This 8-page booklet is 3.5″ wide and 4″ tall.

Camisole CE 01
Camisole CE 02
Camisole CE 03

Contributor Update: Kayla Pongrac’s “The Flexible Truth” available for pre-order

The Flexible TruthKayla Pongrac’s chapbook, The Flexible Truth, is forthcoming from Anchor and Plume.

The Flexible Truth comes out in early April. This collection contains a collection of almost 30 flash fiction pieces. Pre-orders available here.

To help celebrate the book’s release, one of the chapbook’s characters is answering questions over at the Anchor and Plume website. Anyone can submit a question for Murph to answer, and those who do will receive a “special reward.”