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Cyber Monday Promo Codes!

It’s Cyber Monday.  It’s a glorious day when Americans do one of two things:

A. Buy a lot of crap online.

B. Contentiously avoid Cyber Monday deals, log onto Twitter, and make snarky comments about our vapid consumer culture (to avoid unwanted irony, be sure that you post snarky comments from a public library computer rather than from a pricey smart phone).

We’ve got you covered either way!  If you want a sweet deal this Cyber Monday, enter the promo code PRO-CONSUMER during checkout for a 25% discount.  If you want to pay extra, enter the promo code ANTI-CONSUMER, and we’ll add a random $2.00 charge to your order.  The choice is yours.

Both promo codes expire at midnight on December 1st, 2014 (Eastern time).