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QR Cards at AWP

Stop by The Conium Review‘s AWP table (#2025) tomorrow for freebies like John Englehardt’s micro-chapbook, or flash fiction postcards of “The Pale Investigator” and “Marty of Karbala.” We’re excited for these physical objects (naturally, you can also buy our latest print edition at AWP), but we wanted to represent authors published on our website too. So how d0 we bring these virtual pieces to our booth? QR codes! You know, those things you can scan with your smartphone.

We have a bunch of cards at our booth with different codes on the back. Every single flash fiction from our website is represented by one of these QR codes! Pick up a card, scan the back, read a story. Or take it with you and scan it later. Pick one from blindly the pile, and it’s like story roulette.

QR Pics

The Conium Review Vol. 3 is now available!

The Conium Review Volume 3The Conium Review: Volume 3 is available for purchase!  Support small press publishing, and get a copy directly through our website. The issue is available as a paperback, and we also have a snazzy collector’s edition box set for sale.

You can also find copies of the paperback at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble’s website, and elsewhere on the Internet.

Copies hit brick-and-mortar bookstore shelves in the next couple days (or weeks, in some cases).Past publications have been stocked at the Big Idea Bookstore Cooperative (Pittsburgh, PA), Broadway Books (Portland, OR), Reading Frenzy (Portland, OR), Housing Works Bookstore Care (New York, NY), Quimby’s Bookstore (Chicago, IL), Open Books (Chicago, IL), and Woodland Pattern Book Center (Milwaukee, WI). This issue will appear at many of our usual bookstore partners, and we hope to expand to other independent bookstore locations very soon.

For cash-strapped lit lovers, Vol. 3 will also be available at several libraries, including the Mellow Pages Library (Brooklyn, NY), the University of Wisconsin Memorial Library (Madison, WI), the Library of Congress (Washington, DC) ,and elsewhere.

This volume of The Conium Review features new fiction from Olivia Ciacci, Tom Howard, D. V. Klenak, Jan LaPerle, Zach Powers, Christine Texeira, and Meeah Williams.  In these eight strange and surreal narratives, you’ll find a company that sells night-in-shining-armor-style happy endings, a boy with a second person trapped inside of him, a contemporary fable with a chickadee protagonist, and more. The pieces include flash fiction, short stories, and novella-length fiction.


Say hello to the “new” Conium Review

The website update and redesign is complete!  There will still be a few broken links and half-finished pages for a while, but it’s mostly done.

The new look is more than skin deep.  The Conium Review is undergoing a lot of exciting changes.  Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere.  We’re growing.  It’s a good thing.

So let’s talk publications.  Moving forward, we’re a “fiction-only” publication.

With the new website, we’ll begin publishing flash fiction online!  On August 1st, 2014 we begin considering submissions of 1,000 words or fewer for The Conium Review Online Compendium.  This new branch of our publication will be like a superhero (or supervillain) version of our blog.  It’ll still include updates and book reviews, but we’ll also begin posting and sharing fiction.  Our website gets nearly ten thousand visitors each month — we can’t ignore the online audience forever.

But of course, we’re still doing a print edition.  The Conium Review journal was initially conceived as a print-based publication, and we’re recommitting  to that vision in a big way.  Rather than doing two issues each year, we’re doing two unique versions of a single annual issue.  There will be a standard paperback and a “collector’s edition” of the journal.  We’ll share more details later, but the collector’s edition will be something that puts trade paperbacks to shame.  Trust us, if you order a collector’s edition, it’ll be the coolest book you own.

More details will come later, so stay tuned.

The Conium Review’s website will be down for a couple days

Our website will be down for a couple days.  We’ve performing some major updates, shifting web hosts, and generally spicin’ things up around here.

The blog will remain active through most of the upgrade, but the main site (including our store) will be down.  If you have questions about the journal, submissions, or purchases, you can always e-mail us at editors@coniumreview.com

Thanks for understanding!