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Editor Update: Hillary Leftwich’s publication and editorial news

leftwich-hillary-headshot-2Hillary Leftwich (The Conium Review‘s associate editor) is currently serving as nonfiction editor for The Fem Literary Magazine. The Fem‘s founders created the project to promote “writing that could be sexy without being objectifying, heartbreaking without being misogynistic, and that featured women, queer folks, people with disabilities, and people of color as more than symbols” (qtd. from The Fem‘s “About” page). Hillary has acted as the nonfiction editor for a few months now, and she’s enjoying her new gig. She’ll continue to work on both The Conium Review and The Fem, and we’re glad to see her expanding into new editorial areas.

On the writing side of things, Hillary’s “Runt” was a finalist in the Tethered by Letters spring flash fiction contest. Additionally, her story “Bottle Rockets” will be the featured story in Whiskey Paper‘s January, 2016 edition.