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We just added two new editors to the masthead for vol. 1, no. 1 of The Conium Review.  We’ve received many excellent submissions, and these extra editors help us ensure that only the absolute best pieces wind up in our journal.  We consider each submission thoughtfully, and weigh them against the rest of the submission queue.  Both of these editors stepped into their roles last week, and they have been valuable additions to The Conium Review editorial staff.

Susan Lynch joins us as an Associate Editor.  We welcomed Susan Lynch to our staff in early December, and she began supporting our online efforts with magazine reviews.  She has been an avid supporter of The Conium Review since its inception, and she jumped at the opportunity to get involved first as a Staff Writer and now as an Associate Editor.  Her work and enthusiasm is just what we need. Our Managing Editor, James Gapinski, has heard Susan read her poetry, and he has read some of her past work; Susan is a stellar talent, selected for her ability to provide a sharp perspective for The Conium Review.

Tristan Beach joins us as a Guest Editor.  Tristan is an Associate Editor at The Pitkin Review, and her interned at Coffee House Press and Copper Canyon Press. He is currently a graduate student at Goddard College, earning his MFA in Creative Writing.  Tristan writes poetry, reads constantly, and has prior knowledge and experience in publishing.  He has graciously agreed to act as a guest staff member for this first issue.  Future Guest Editors and interim staff members will continue to join us based on qualifications and ongoing evaluations of our editorial needs.

Further information about our new editors is available on the “About Us” page.