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Book Reviews

General Information

If you are interested in reviewing for The Conium Review, send an e-mail to editors@coniumreview.com. Let us know what title you are interested in reviewing, and send links to published reviews. If you do not have any published reviews, tell us why you think you’d make a good reviewer.

Book and chapbook reviews are posted on The Conium Review Online Compendium. Reviewed titles should be relatively current (published within the last eighteen months) on literary presses. We do not review self-published titles.

We’re looking for book reviews that are informative yet creative. Do not send a book review that is all summary with no depth. Think critically and write creatively. Keep in mind that your commentary should not spoil the book for readers; we will reject any book reviews that blatantly give away a book’s ending or surprise plot twists.

The Conium Review acquires first online rights for book reviews. Reprint rights revert to the author thirty days after the initial posting, but we reserve the right to keep the review in our online archive. We do not offer compensation for online content, but we link the post to your books, author website, or other online profiles.

Books and Chapbooks Currently Available for Review

The following titles are available for review. You may also review other current literary fiction, but we will not compensate for your book purchases.  If you want a freebie, pick from the list below.

  • The Exiles, by Matthew Kirkpatrick (Ricochet Editions, 2013 – Print Copy).
  • Bad Habits, by Alisa Slaughter (Gold Line Press, 2013 – Print Copy).