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Souvenirs and Other Stories, by Matt Tompkins


ISBN 978-1942387060
June, 2016
79 pages

About Souvenirs and Other Stories:
Souvenirs and Other Stories contains six absurd and surreal stories—a father evaporates, items mysteriously appear and fill an apartment, an eye surgery causes optical hallucinations, and more. Souvenirs is a fantastic, whimsical, darkly funny collection from the author of Studies in Hybrid Morphology.

About the Author:
Matt Tompkins is the author of Studies in Hybrid Morphology (tNY Press, 2016). Matt’s stories have appeared in Little Patuxent ReviewNew Haven ReviewPost Road, and other journals. He works in a library and lives in upstate New York with his wife (who kindly reads his first drafts), his daughter (who prefers picture books) and his cat (who is illiterate).

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 Praise for Souvenirs and Other Stories:

  • “Matt Tompkins creates a collection reminiscent of a quirky, yet lovable mixture of the likes of Harvey Pekar and Aimee Bender . . . a strange, heartbreaking, and often darkly comical book.” –Beth Gilstrap, author of I Am Barbarella
  • “In Souvenirs and Other Stories, Matt Tompkins creates a compelling universe that normalizes the bizarre . . . Souvenirs is thoroughly entertaining, a smart and funny collection from a wildly imaginative writer.” –Jen Grow, author of My Life as a Mermaid
  • “Wit, imagination, and convincing illogic are the calling cards of this entertaining and disturbing collection. Souvenirs is an impressive collection, a pleasure to read from cover to cover.” –Christopher Kennedy, author of Ennui Prophet
  • “No one else today is plumbing the depths of the human spirit and its limits in quite the same way as Tompkins.” –Sheldon Lee Compton, author of Brown Bottle
  • With language that feels guileless and innocent, never overbearing, Matt Tompkins builds stories from delicate loops of life and metaphor, making the surreal become real.” –Lena Bertone, author of Letters to the Devil
  • “In Souvenirs & Other Stories, Tompkins shoves the door wide open and welcomes the surreal into reality. With characters and situations that are relatable despite their oddities, readers are sure to connect with this pocket-sized collection of flash souvenirs.” –Katy Haas, reviewer for NewPages
  • “In his book Souvenirs and Other Stories, Matt Tompkins is able to bring magic to the mundane . . . Each of the stories deals with the kernel of a bigger issue, but never in a heavy-handed and always in an entertaining way.” –Eric Andrew Newman, reviewer for Necessary Fiction