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The Conium Review: Vol. 1, No. 1


ISBN 978-0982595626
February, 2012
151 pages

About this issue:
The inaugural issue of The Conium Review contains thirteen poems, seven pieces of flash fiction, four short stories, and two novelettes.  The contributing poets and writers are Jeffrey Alfier, Jeremy Behreandt, Thor Benson, Isaac Coleman, Ross Concillo, Daniel Davis, Mason Brown DeHoog, Matthew Denvir, Ivo Drury, Howie Good, Jack Granath, Lauren Hall, Shane L. Harms, Julie Heckman, Jason L. Huskey, Paul Kavanagh, Jen Knox, Margarita Meklina, Ben Nardolilli, Edwin R. Perry, Nick Sanford, Benjamin Schachtman, Parker Tettleton, Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson, Steven Wineman, and Kirby Wright. The cover art is courtesy of Emma Cook. 

About the Guest Editor:
Tristan Beach is an Associate Editor at Pitkin Review, and he interned at Copper Canyon Press and Coffee House Press.

Praise for the Spring 2012 issue:

  • “[The writers’] work was spectacular . . . we’re bearing witness to the bizarre, but it’s not just bizarre for the sake of bizarre.  It’s a brand of bizarre that offers insight into the human condition.” —Small Press Reviews
  • ” . . . strange and unfamiliar, all while keeping us grounded in a seemingly ‘familiar’ world . . . What you will get reading this fine first issue of The Conium Review–a mixture of the strange and new.” —Stone Highway Review
  • ” . . . the pieces draw you in with character work that is compelling . . . devot[ing] attention to the small moments that reflect our true identities.” —NewPages.com

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