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The Conium Review: Vol. 4


ISBN 978-1942387039
November, 2015
90 pages

About this issue:
This volume of The Conium Review features nine new stories from Emily Koon, Tamara K. Walker, Rita Bullwinkel, Marina Petrova, Kayla Pongrac, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Zach Powers, and Theodora Ziolkowski. The pieces include a mix of flash fiction and short stories, each with a penchant for innovative characterization, bizarre settings, and other weirdness. You’ll discover a dictator in a jar, a modernized fairy tale, a person living as a Tinseltown extra, and more.

About the Guest Editor:
Amelia Gray judged our 2015 Innovative Short Fiction Contest and selected Emily Koon’s “The People Who Live in the Sears” as the winner. Amelia is the author of Gutshot (FSG Originals, 2015), Threats (FSG Originals, 2012), Museum of the Weird (FC2, 2010), and AM/PM (Featherproof Books, 2009).

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