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The Conium Review: Vol. 5


ISBN 978-1942387091
December, 2016
88 pages

About this issue:
This volume of The Conium Review features eleven new stories from Jessica Roeder, Samantha Duncan, Liz Kellebrew, Kate Gies, Shane Jones, Kathryn Hill, Emily Koon, Jasmine Sawers, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, and Maryse Meijer. A woman falls in love with a giant banana, a tiny goat takes up residence in a woman’s left ventricle, a ghost tour goes awry, and more. Readers will delight in this collection’s absurd settings, dark humor, and inventive language.

About the Guest Editor:
Lindsay Hunter judged our 2016 Innovative Short Fiction Contest and selected Kathryn Hill’s “The Mother” as the winner. Lindsay is the author of Ugly Girls (FSG Originals, 2014), Don’t Kiss Me (FSG Originals, 2013), and Daddy’s (Featherproof Books, 2010).


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